Closed Clinical Trials

The table below contains a list of all ECOG-ACRIN clinical trials that have closed to enrollment since January 1, 2021. Hover over any of the column headings and click the up/down arrows to sort. You can also search by keyword. To access more information about a particular trial, click on the trial ID, which will link you to more information.

Cancer TypeTarget Patient PopulationTrial ID & Link to infoStudy Type ECOG-ACRIN Oversight Committee(s)Date Closed
VariousMetastatic (advanced) solid tumors, lymphomas, or myeloma and also rare cancer types with no standard treatment availableEAY131 / NCI-MATCHTreatmentDevelopmental Therapeutics12/23/22
AnyWomen with a recent cancer diagnosis E1Q11 / EROS Reproductive Health PlanningCancer Control and Survivorship03/10/21
AnyCurrent smokers wanting to stopEAQ171CDObservation (Counseling)Cancer Care Delivery Research12/23/22
AnyCancer patients with pneumonitis (lung inflammation)EAQ172Treatment Cancer Control and Survivorship 12/14/23
AnusMetastatic (advanced)EA2165TreatmentGastrointestinal 08/31/21
Bile Duct Metastatic (advanced) cholangiocarcinomaEA2187TreatmentGastrointestinal 03/22/23
BladderHas spread to the lymph nodesEA8185 / INSPIRETreatmentGenitourinary10/02/23
BloodMantle cell lymphomaEA4181TreatmentLymphoma 03/31/23
BloodAcute promyelocytic leukemia (AML)EA9131TreatmentLeukemia; Cancer Control and Survivorship06/25/21
Blood Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)EA9161TreatmentLeukemia04/23/21
Blood Previously diagnosed with multiple myeloma and on lenalidomideEAA171 / OPTIMUMTreatmentMyeloma03/03/23
BloodSuspected myelodysplastic syndromeNHLBI-MDS / The National MDS StudyScreening/Early DetectionLeukemia 06/24/24
BloodAcute myeloid leukemia with FLT3 mutationPrE0905TreatmentN/A (PrECOG)11/17/22
LungPleural mesotheliomaPrE0506 / DREAM3RTreatmentN/A (PrECOG)09/22/23
BrainRecurrent glioblastomaEAF151ImagingBrain Cancer Working Group08/24/23
BreastNewly diagnosed, metastatic (advanced)EAI142ImagingBreast 07/06/22
BreastWomen who decline the TMIST breast cancer screening trialEAQ201Observation (Patient Reporting))Cancer Control and Survivorship02/02/23
BreastBlack women with breast cancerEAZ171TreatmentBreast; Prevention03/31/22
BreastMetastatic (advanced) with bone or mostly bone diseaseEA1183 / FEATUREImagingBreast 11/29/23
BreastTriple negative and basal subtype, including both women and menEA1131TreatmentBreast 03/30/21
BreastHER2 positive typeEA1181 / CompassHER2 pCRTreatmentBreast10/12/23
KidneyLocalized (no spread) or limited spreadEA8143 / PROSPER RCCTreatmentGenitourinary 06/02/21
Kidney or ThyroidBlood pressure managementEAQ191 / CARISMATreatmentCancer Control and Survivorship 12/27/23
LiverMetastatic (advanced) or not able to be removed by surgery (inoperable)EA2205TreatmentGastrointestinal 05/07/2024
LungNon-small cell type, metastatic (advanced)EA5163 / S1709 / INSIGNATreatmentThoracic03/01/24
LungNon-small cell, non-squamous typeEA5191TreatmentThoracic10/13/23
LungNon-small cell type, able to be removed by surgery (operable)E4512, an ALCHEMIST TrialTreatmentThoracic05/10/24
Melanoma (Skin)Melanoma, metastatic (advanced), and BRAF V600 typeEA6134 / DREAMseqTreatmentMelanoma09/30/21
Melanoma (Skin)Cutaneous or unknown primary typeEA6183TreatmentMelanoma09/23/22
Melanoma (Skin)Advanced, BRAF V600E or BRAF V600K type, and elevated LDHEA6191 / BAMM2TreatmentMelanoma03/01/23
Merkel Cell (Skin)Able to be removed by surgery (operable)EA6174 / STAMP TreatmentMelanoma07/01/24
Nose and SinusSquamous cell type, able to be removed by surgery (operable)EA3163TreatmentHead and Neck 11/07/23
Pancreas or Gastrointestinal TractLocally advanced or metastatic, inoperableEA2142TreatmentGastrointestinal 04/01/21
PancreasMetastatic (advanced), older (aged 70+)EA2186 / GIANTTreatmentGastrointestinal; Geriatric Oncology Working Group10/17/23
ProstateMetastatic (advanced), hormone sensitive typeEA8153 / CHAARTED2TreatmentGenitourinary 03/26/21
ProstateWithin 6 weeks of surgery (radical prostatectomy) and at highest risk of progression to metastatic (advanced) stageEA8183 / ERADICATETreatmentGenitourinary02/09/23
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