Mentoring Program

Mentoring permeates all activities of the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group (ECOG-ACRIN), fostering the careers of young investigators in clinical and translational research. Organizational policies ensure the inclusion of young investigators in the scientific committees that develop and pursue new scientific ideas across ECOG-ACRIN’s three scientific programs. We formulate specific learning goals for early-career investigators who serve as co-chairs of our clinical trials.

The Mentoring Program formally recognizes outstanding scientific leadership through events and awards that identify, encourage, and recognize investigators early in their careers. It was founded by Robert L. Comis, MD in the late 1990s. ECOG-ACRIN has advanced the careers of hundreds of people. Funding for these programs is provided by the ECOG Research and Education Foundation.

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Mentoring Program Committee

A committee of Group leaders monitors and promotes the professional development of young investigators across the Group. Committee members organize and oversee the mentorship initiatives and work closely with the chairs of each of the Group’s scientific committees to ensure the effective engagement of junior investigators in developing and leading ECOG-ACRIN clinical trials.


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