Active Clinical Trials

Numerous clinical trials are always active (i.e., open and enrolling patients) in the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group, which focuses its research on adults who have or are at risk of developing cancer. This section of the website contains a searchable list of all active trials. On the table below, hover over any of the column headings and click the up/down arrows to sort. You can also search by keyword. To access more information about a particular trial, click on the trial ID.

Cancer TypeTarget Patient PopulationTrial ID/More InfoStudy TypeECOG-ACRIN Oversight Committee(s)
AnyAges 18-39 with any type of cancer except basal cell carcinomaEAQ202Observation (Patient Reporting) Cancer Control and Survivorship Committee and its Patient-Reported Outcomes Working Group; Health Equity Committee and its Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Subcommittee
AnyCancer patients with pneumonitis (lung inflammation)EAQ172Treatment Cancer Control and Survivorship
AnusMetastatic (advanced), not able to be removed by surgery (inoperable)EA2176TreatmentGastrointestinal
AnusSquamous cell type, no prior treatmentEA2182 / DECREASETreatmentGastrointestinal
Bile Duct Metastatic (advanced) cholangiocarcinomaEA2187TreatmentGastrointestinal
BladderHas spread to the lymph nodesEA8185 / INSPIRETreatmentGenitourinary
BladderHigh risk; has not spread to the muscleย EA8212 / BRIDGETreatmentGenitourinary; Cancer Control and Survivorship
Blood Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)EA9152TreatmentLeukemia
BloodAcute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) EA9181TreatmentLeukemia
BloodAcute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), T-cell TypeEA9213TreatmentLeukemia
BloodChronic myelogenous leukemia (CML)EA9171 / BLAST MRD CML 1TreatmentLeukemia
Blood Hodgkin lymphomaE4412TreatmentLymphoma
Blood Mantle cell lymphomaEA4151TreatmentLymphoma
Blood Mantle cell lymphomaEA4181TreatmentLymphoma
BloodMyeloma, newly diagnosed EAA181 / EQUATETreatment Myeloma
BloodSmoldering myeloma EAA173 / DETER-SMMTreatmentMyeloma
Blood Previously diagnosed with multiple myeloma and on lenalidomide EAA171 / OPTIMUMTreatmentMyeloma
BloodAcute myeloid leukemia with FLT3 mutationPrE0905TreatmentN/A (PrECOG)
BloodSuspected myelodysplastic syndromesNHLBI-MDS / The National MDS StudyScreening/Early DetectionLeukemia
BrainRecurrent glioblastomaEAF151TreatmentBrain Cancer Working Group
BreastWomen planning for regular mammogramsEA1151 / TMISTScreening/Early DetectionImaging; Prevention; Breast
BreastHER2 positive typeEA1181 / CompassHER2 pCRTreatmentBreast
BreastMetastatic (advanced) with bone or mostly bone diseaseEA1183 / FEATUREImagingBreast
EsophagusLocally advanced, able to be removed by surgery (operable)EA2174TreatmentGastrointestinal
Esophagus and StomachMetastatic (advanced), HER2 negative typeEA2183TreatmentGastrointestinal
GallbladderDiscovered at time of surgery to remove the gallbladderEA2197 / OPT-INTreatmentGastrointestinal
Head and Neckp53-mutated squamous cell type, after surgeryEA3132TreatmentHead and Neck
Head and NeckSquamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck that has come back after initial therapyEA3191TreatmentHead and Neck
Head and NeckMetastatic (advanced) squamous cell type that has returned after treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitorsEA3202Treatment Head and Neck
Kidney or ThyroidBlood pressure managementEAQ191 / CARISMATreatmentCancer Control and Survivorship
LiverMetastatic (advanced) or not able to be removed by surgery (inoperable)EA2205TreatmentGastrointestinal
Lung Non-small cell type, metastatic (advanced)EA5162TreatmentThoracic
LungNon-small cell type, metastatic (advanced)EA5163 / S1709 / INSIGNATreatmentThoracic
LungNon-small cell type, not able to be removed by surgery (inoperable)EA5181TreatmentThoracic
Lung Non-small cell type, metastatic (advanced)EA5182TreatmentThoracic
Lung Non-small cell, non-squamous typeEA5191TreatmentThoracic
LungNon-small cell type, able to be removed by surgery (operable)E4512, an ALCHEMIST TrialTreatmentThoracic
Melanoma (Skin)Metastatic (advanced)EA6141TreatmentMelanoma
Melanoma (Skin) Merkel cell typeEA6174 / STAMP TreatmentMelanoma
Melanoma (Skin)Advanced, BRAF V600E or BRAF V600K type, and elevated LDHEA6191 / BAMM2TreatmentMelanoma
Melanoma (Skin)Metastatic (advanced)EA6192 / PET-StopTreatmentMelanoma
Melanoma (Skin)Able to be removed by surgery (operable)EA6194TreatmentMelanoma
MesotheliomaAdvanced pleuralPrE0506 / DREAM3R6TreatmentN/A (PrECOG)
Nose and SinusSquamous cell type, able to be removed by surgeryEA3163TreatmentHead and Neck
PancreasPatients with non-cancerous pancreas cystsEA2185Screening/Early DetectionGastrointestinal
PancreasMetastatic (advanced), older (aged 70+)EA2186 / GIANTTreatmentGastrointestinal; Geriatric Oncology Working Group
PancreasHas been surgically removed and has a BRCA1, BRCA2, or PALB2 mutationEA2192 / APOLLOTreatmentGastrointestinal
PenisMetastatic (advanced)EA8134 / InPACTTreatmentGenitourinary
ProstateNewly diagnosed, before surgeryEA8171Imaging/Treatment PlanningGenitourinary
ProstateWithin 6 weeks of surgery (radical prostatectomy) and at highest risk of progression to metastatic (advanced) stageEA8183 / ERADICATETreatmentGenitourinary
ProstateOn close monitoring; at low risk of progressingEA8184PreventionGenitourinary
ProstateHas come back after surgeryEA8191 / INDICATETreatmentGenitourinary
RectumLocally advanced, MSI-H or dMMR typeEA2201TreatmentGastrointestinal
ThroatHPV positive typeEA3161TreatmentHead and Neck
Upper Urinary TractHigh grade (aggressive)EA8192TreatmentGenitourinary
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