Information for Patients

The ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group (ECOG-ACRIN) is dedicated to improving life for adults affected by or at risk of developing cancer. The Group designs and conducts clinical trials, which are medical research studies where people volunteer to test new scientific approaches.

Most of ECOG-ACRIN's Active Clinical Trials are treatment studies that involve people who have cancer. However, ECOG-ACRIN also leads cancer prevention trials, screening trials (checking for cancer or for conditions that may lead to cancer in people who have no symptoms), and studies that seek better imaging techniques to monitor tumors for response to cancer treatments. Advocates help develop ECOG-ACRIN trials and raise awareness about them. Please read our Disclaimer.

Cancer Clinical Trials are Important

Clinical trials contribute to the overall understanding of and progress against cancer. Many people treated for cancer are now living longer thanks to the knowledge gained through clinical trials.

Taking an active part in cancer clinical trials can be an empowering experience for people at risk of having cancer and those diagnosed with cancer. These trials will not only help them but will help others as well.

An important benefit of participating in a clinical trial is the high level of patient care. Patients in cancer clinical trials are usually followed more closely by their doctors and nurses, which provides patients with a high-quality experience.

Cancer Clinical Trials are Widely Available

Depending upon the type of cancer treatment, trials are conducted in doctorsโ€™ offices, cancer centers, other medical centers, community hospitals and clinics, and veteran and military hospitals in cities and towns across the United States and worldwide. Cancer clinical trials may include participants at one or two highly specialized centers, or they may involve hundreds of locations at the same time.

Although patients are the only ones who can decide whether to take part in a cancer clinical trial, the doctor and the rest of the healthcare team are important and valuable sources of balanced information about the risks and benefits of participating in a clinical trial.

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