The Tomosynthesis Mammographic Imaging Screening Trial (TMIST or study EA1151) is a breast cancer screening trial of nearly 165,000 healthy women. For more information, visit the TMIST Home Page.

Physician and Research Staff Educational Materials:

These materials are intended for promotional use among health care professionals and are NOT intended for use as patient educational materials.

  • Physician Fact Sheet: schema, study objectives, eligibility criteria, and other key information about the study
  • Site FAQs: questions and answers for staff at participating mammography clinics about the protocol document, recruitment, imaging, screening, and funding
  • Site Letter to a Referring Physician: template letter to introduce a referring physician to the trial, provide site-specific information and procedures, and encourage him or her to discuss the trial with patients
  • Site Process Summary: schema, objectives, and details about site participation

Recruitment Materials:

Participating mammography clinics (sites) should note that the Central Institutional Review Board (CIRB) has approved this material, which can be downloaded from the Clinical Trials Support Unit website ( The material is located under the EA1151 Protocol; click on the CIRB Documents tab, and then Amendment Reviews. For sites utilizing local IRBs, please submit this in accordance with your local IRB policies prior to use.

  • Clinic Poster basic eligibility criteria and what women can expect if they join the trial, for display in participating mammography clinics and available in English and Spanish
  • Letter to a Woman Scheduled for a Mammogram: template letter and contact permission form for participating site staff to send to a potential participant in advance of her next mammogram, and available in English and Spanish
  • Phone Script: dialogue to guide participating site staff during a phone conversation with a woman scheduled for her next mammogram, to explain the study and next steps for participation

Additional Information on Displayed below is an interactive view of the study record as it appears in the government registry. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with this view, follow this link.