November 16, 2023

Statement on the passing of Dr. Worta McCaskill-Stevens

November 15, 2023

Press Release: ECOG-ACRIN and PrECOG announce multiple presentations at ASH 2023

July 20, 2023

Press Release: ECOG-ACRIN adds a new treatment trial to the ComboMATCH precision medicine initiative

June 16, 2023

Media Advisory: Nature Medicine publishes key lessons from NCI-MATCH to guide future precision medicine trials

June 1, 2023

Press Release: ComboMATCH investigators are translating robust pre-clinical evidence for new anti-cancer drug combinations into a series of early-phase clinical trials

May 17, 2023

Press Release: ECOG-ACRIN announces the recipients of its 2023 scientific leadership and mentorship awards

May 11, 2023

Press Release: Historic achievement for the ongoing InPACT penile cancer trialโ€”100 patients enrolled thus far, the most ever to a prospective study in this extremely rare disease

December 13, 2022

Press Release: Practice-changing trial results for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)

December 11, 2022

Press Release: A unique clinical trial leads to a dramatic decrease in early deaths from the rare and aggressiveโ€”yet highly curableโ€”acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL)

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