April 9, 2024

The April 2024 News from ECOG-ACRIN blog is now available

March 7, 2024

The March News from ECOG-ACRIN blog is now available

February 9, 2024

The January/February News from ECOG-ACRIN blog is now available

January 17, 2024

Press Release: ECOG-ACRIN research team led by Michael Atkins, MD receives Journal of Clinical Oncology 2023 Paper of the Year

May 31, 2023

Your daily guide to ASCO 2023 research presentations by ECOG-ACRIN and PrECOG

March 23, 2023

The Spring 2023 advocacy blog Considering Clinical Trials is now available

February 23, 2023

A focus on the DREAMseq trial reveals data-driven clinical insights into the selection of first-line treatment options for patients with BRAF-mutated metastatic melanoma

October 4, 2022

DREAMseq trial clarifies immunotherapy, targeted treatment order for patients with BRAF-mutant metastatic melanoma

September 30, 2022

Advanced melanoma survival improves significantly when immunotherapy is given before targeted therapy

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