The primary responsibility of the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group’s Nominating Committee is to prepare the Principal Investigator (PI) Committee for the election of new Group Co-Chairs, as needed. In the unlikely event that the need arises for a Group Co-Chair to be recalled, the Nominating Committee also oversees this process.

The PI Committee holds a Nominating Committee election every two years from a slate of candidates proposed by the Executive Committee. This interaction between the two governance committees provides the Group with checks and balances within the election process. While the Executive and PI Committees both function under the direction of the Group Co-Chairs, the Nominating Committee is entirely independent in its role to nominate and elect new leaders (there are no appointments by the Group Co-Chairs). The Nominating Committee elects its own Chair every two years and the position is renewable.

The table below lists the current members of the Nominating Committee and the constituency they represent. However, changes are in process following a May 2023 amendment to the ECOG-ACRIN Constitution, Article IX, Section 2. These changes will broaden the representation of constituents. The next regular election of the Nominating Committee will occur in Spring 2024.

Committee MemberRepresentation
Thomas M. Habermann, MD
Mayo Clinic Cancer Center
Standing Members
Paul B. Gilman, MD
Lankenau Medical Center
Standing Members
Stanley R. Hamilton, MD
City of Hope
Scientific Members
Barry A. Siegel, MD
Washington University in St. Louis / Siteman Cancer Center
Scientific Members
Kurt R. Oettel, MD
Wisconsin NCORP
Community Standing Members
To comeCommunity Standing Members
Matthias Weiss, MD
Wisconsin NCORP/ThedaCare
Affiliate and Sub-Affiliate Members
Heather A. Wakelee, MD
Stanford University / Stanford Cancer Institute
Member at Large
To comeMember at Large
ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group