A management unit within the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group (ECOG-ACRIN) coordinates the scientific, administrative, governance, and membership activities of the Group. The management unit—called Operations—has a headquarters office in Philadelphia, PA. A fully-staffed coordinating office in Boston, MA, reports to the headquarters office. Together, the two offices operate under a single set of policies and procedures to ensure efficient interactions across the Group.

Operations personnel perform a wide variety of tasks that contribute to the management, development, implementation, and analysis of Group science. Their responsibilities are to:

  • Manage clinical study activities
  • Support the scientific committees in the development of protocols
  • Collect clinical data, images, and biospecimens
  • Organize semiannual Group meetings
  • Maintain the Group membership program
  • Disseminate information to Group members
  • Administer the development of peer-reviewed scientific publications
  • Monitor compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Coordinate the core functions of audit and quality control
  • Manage and disburse Group funds


An executive director and deputy executive director oversee Operations. Members of the management team, listed below, are long-standing senior administrative experts whose prior training and experience equips them to perform their respective roles in ECOG-ACRIN.

Executive Director
Donna M. Marinucci, BSMT

In-House Legal Counsel
Robert Sipps, JD

Deputy Executive Director
Jean MacDonald, MPH

Deputy Executive Director, Imaging and Information Technology
Charles K. Apgar, MBA

Senior Directors
Pamela Cogliano, BS
Karen Padilla, MSN
Robert Preston, MS

Diane Dragaud, MA
Donna Hartfeil, RN, BSN
Kerry Higgins, MPH
Donna Sheckler, BA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group