A management unit within the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group (ECOG-ACRIN) coordinates the scientific, administrative, governance, and membership activities of the Group. The management unitโ€”called the ECOG-ACRIN Operations Centerโ€”has a headquarters office in Philadelphia, PA. A fully-staffed coordinating office in Boston, MA, reports to the headquarters office. The two offices operate under a single set of policies and procedures to ensure efficient interactions across the Group.

Operations personnel perform a wide variety of tasks that contribute to the management, development, implementation, and analysis of Group science. Their responsibilities are to

  • Manage clinical study activities
  • Support the scientific committees in the development of protocols
  • Collect clinical data, images, and biospecimens
  • Organize semiannual Group meetings
  • Maintain the Group membership program
  • Disseminate information to Group members
  • Administer the development of peer-reviewed scientific publications
  • Monitor compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Coordinate the core functions of audit and quality control
  • Manage and disburse Group funds


An executive director and deputy executive director oversee Operations. Members of the management team, listed below, are long-standing senior administrative experts whose prior training and experience equip them to perform their respective roles in ECOG-ACRIN.

Executive Director
Donna M. Marinucci, BSMT

In-House Legal Counsel
Robert Sipps, JD

Deputy Executive Director
Jean MacDonald, MPH

Senior Directors
Pamela Cogliano, BA - Protocol Development
Kerry Higgins, MPH - Data Management
Karen Padilla, MSN - Project Management
Robert Preston, MS - Grants and Contracts

Robert Brown, BS - Information Systems and Security
Diane Dragaud, MA - Communications
Donna Hartfeil, BSN, RN - Clinical Imaging
Jim Leonard, MBA, CPA - Finance
Rick Magnan, BS - Programming
Kenneth Rockwell Jr., PharmD, MS - Regulatory Affairs
Josh Schoppe, MPH - Audit and Quality Control

Counsel and Assistant Director, Human Resources
Dana Bonfiglio, BS, JD

ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group