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April 26, 2021

A new study arm opens in NCI-MATCH, expanding patients’ potential to qualify for this precision medicine cancer clinical trial when they may not have other options. Press Release

October 14, 2020

NCI-MATCH data shows value of platform trials for patients with rare genomically driven cancers. Interview with lead investigator Keith T. Flaherty, MD. Precision Oncology News/GenomeWeb 

October 13, 2020

NCI-MATCH precision medicine cancer trial makes a major contribution to tumor gene testing for cancer treatment selection. Journal of Clinical Oncology publishes molecular analysis of 6000 NCI-MATCH patients. Press Release

August 13, 2020

In the latest NCI-MATCH news, April K.S. Salama, MD, and colleagues report on Arm H. The combination of dabrafenib and trametinib elicited favorable response rates. This promising activity warrants more investigations in BRAF V600>-mutated tumors outside of currently approved indications. OncLive

February 20, 2020

The results of Arm Z1D in the NCI-MATCH trial continue to attract media attention. Nilofer Azad, MD (Johns Hopkins) talks about the activity of nivolumab in MMR-deficient cancers in a feature article. MedPage Today/ASCO Reading Room

January 7, 2020

Komal Jhaveri, MD, FACP (Memorial Sloan Kettering) is the primary author on the publication of NCI-MATCH Arm Q results, published in the Annals of Oncology. The antibody-drug conjugate ado-trastuzumab emtansine (T-DM1) has promising activity in HER2 amplified salivary gland tumors. Press Release

December 19, 2019

The Journal of Clinical Oncology reports results for Arm Z1D of NCI-MATCH. “The confirmed overall response rate for nivolumab in tumors with DNA mismatch repair deficiencies was 36%–or 15 of 42 patients with cancers other than colon,” says Nilofer Azad, MD (Johns Hopkins). Press Release

June 3, 2019

Arm H finds the combination of dabrafenib and trametinib effective in a heavily pre-treated cohort of 17 distinct tumor types–several rare–with BRAF mutations.“Arm H met its primary endpoint with an overall objective response rate of 33 percent,” said lead researcher April K. S. Salama, MD (Duke University). Press Release

November 12, 2018

Interest continues in the NCI-MATCH (EAY131) trial. This ongoing study enrolls 85 percent of cancer patients referred by designated commercial and academic tumor gene testing laboratories (seven – eight new patients per week). Findings from substudy Y are being presented at an international meeting. Press Release

June 4, 2018

NCI-MATCH (Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice), the largest precision medicine trial of its kind, has achieved a milestone with the release of results of several treatment arms of the trial. The new results offer findings of interest for future cancer research that could ultimately play a role in bringing targeted treatments to patients with certain gene abnormalities. Press Release

May 31, 2018

Keith Flaherty, MD, ECOG-ACRIN study chair, comments on targeted drugs in an article on basket trials. Xconomy National

May 30, 2018

NCI-MATCH (EAY131) achieves a milestone with the release of patient outcomes results from Arms I, Q, and W at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2018 annual meeting. Press Release

June 7, 2017

As the NCI-MATCH precision medicine cancer trial reaches its 6,000-patient tumor sequencing goal two years early, the trial continues with a new strategy to complete enrollment by casting a wider net for patients. Press Release

September 26, 2016

ECOG-ACRIN opens the quality-of-life research study, COMmunication and Education in Tumor Profiling (EAQ152) or ‘COMET’ today. COMET is an ancillary study to the NCI-MATCH (EAY131) trial, already underway. Press Release

August 16, 2016

The ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group has received federal approval to add a quality-of-life research study, COMmunication and Education in Tumor Profiling (EAQ152) or ‘COMET’ to the NCI-MATCH (EAY131) trial, already underway. Press Release

May 26, 2016

The phase II precision medicine cancer trial, Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (NCI-MATCH or EAY131) is set to resume gene testing of patients on May 31, 2016, at 12:00 Noon Eastern Time. Press Release

August 17, 2015

ECOG-ACRIN opens the phase II precision medicine cancer trial, National Cancer Institute-Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (NCI-MATCH or EAY131), the largest, most scientifically rigorous precision medicine trial in cancer to date, to cancer centers and community hospitals nationwide. Press Release

June 1, 2015

National Cancer Institute and ECOG-ACRIN announce the July 2015 opening of the NCI-MATCH / EAY131 trial, a multi-arm phase II precision medicine study that seeks to determine whether targeted therapies for people whose tumors have specific gene mutations will be effective regardless of cancer type. Press Release