Brain Cancer Trial

Recurrent Glioblastoma

DSC-MRI in Measuring Relative Cerebral Blood Volume for Early Response to Bevacizumab in Patients with Recurrent Glioblastoma


This brain cancer trial pairs a new imaging approach with standard treatment (bevacizumab). The trial is evaluating the use of two contrast-enhanced MRI exams, one before treatment begins and the other after two weeks. There is evidence from smaller trials that early use of contrast MRI to measure changes in the amount of blood in the tumor is a better and faster way than the current method to identify which patients are benefiting from bevacizumab. This earlier measure could also help those for whom the therapy is not working, allowing them to move on to try other treatments. Currently, physicians measure response after three months of treatment.

Physician and Research Staff Educational Material

This material is intended for promotional use among health care professionals and is NOT intended for use as patient educational material.

    • Physician Fact Sheet: schema, eligibility criteria, and treatment details
    • Pocket Reference Card: trial schema, study objectives, and eligibility requirements on a pocket-sized card for easy reference when consulting with patients in the office or on rounds

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Information and Assistance from the National Cancer Institute

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    • Trained information specialists at the NCI are available to answer cancer-related questions from patients, family members or friends, health care providers, and researchers. Visit the NCI’s Cancer Information Service webpage for contact instructions, including telephone, live chat, email, and mail. ID: NCT03115333

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