PrECOG, LLC is a not-for-profit limited liability research company that develops and conducts clinical trials in all areas of oncology in conjunction with industry partners. Formed in 2006 by the ECOG Research and Education Foundation, PrECOG is funded entirely outside of the public health system and uses an operational structure that is separate from ECOG for all facets of its clinical trial management.

PrECOG offers clinical trial oversight and management in all aspects of sponsor-related responsibilities under a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Investigational New Drug (IND) application. PrECOG typically functions as the trial sponsor and holds the IND or works under company-owned INDs with a transfer of obligations.

PrECOG holds master contracts with an established network of investigators and institutions formed from the ECOG membership, enabling it to leverage strong existing relationships that offer efficient start-up and streamlined processes across the continuum of study operations for all of the trials it chooses to undertake. Its services are governed by standard operating procedures and are fully compliant with both the International Conference on Harmonisation Good Clinical Practice (ICH GCP) standards and the regulations and guidelines of the FDA.

PrECOG Trials

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