We are excited to be producing the first ECOG-ACRIN newsletter, the latest in a series of developments in our new organization. Over the past few months, we have adopted a constitution, opened our first joint trial, launched a website, received our first joint grant award, and solidified committee leaderships. Operational working groups are making progress in organizing our information technology platform and associated informatics capabilities, and the Biomarker Sciences research area leaders are integrating our developmental therapeutics, pathology and lab sciences, and experimental imaging committees. Thoughtful new scientific concepts with integrated therapeutic and medical imaging components are now bubbling up through the various committees to the Executive Review Committee, which is meeting monthly to review these ideas.

The purpose of this newsletter is to keep members and constituents apprised of the latest news from our researchers, highlight recent accomplishments, and provide information on the organization. Certainly, the Group is experiencing a tremendous level of activity right now—and will for several months to come—as it prepares applications for Federal funding in response to the various funding opportunity announcements issued recently by the National Cancer Institute, which are due January 15, 2013; hosts a workshop for imaging researchers and technologists in October; and plans the agenda for the November semiannual Group meeting. We look forward to sharing information and perspectives about these and other activities via this periodic newsletter.


Robert L. Comis, MD

Mitchell D. Schnall, MD, PhD