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50,000 women have joined the TMIST breast cancer screening trial. This  trial is rapidly increasing despite the worldwide pandemic. July 15, 2021. Read More


Suresh Ramalingam on what it’s like to become director of Emory Cancer Center and editor of Cancer—on the same day. “I’ve been part of ECOG-ACRIN from the days of my fellowship training; participation and active engagement within the groups have been a major reason for my career success. I’ve been fortunate to be entrusted with multiple leadership roles at ECOG-ACRIN.” July 9, 2021. The Cancer Letter

The latest findings from the TAILORx trial for women with early breast cancer show that poor social and physical well-being, along with co-morbid depression, were significant risk factors for premature discontinuation of hormone therapy, as reported by trial participants. Betina R. Yanez, PhD (Northwestern University), first author. June 17, 2021. JAMA Oncology


Kathy D. Miller, MDFor residual triple negative breast cancer, post-chemo, capecitabine should be offered. This commentary video by Kathy D. Miller, MD, discusses the results of the EA1131 phase III trial. June 15, 2021. Medscape



RSClin tool, validated with TAILORx data, uses clinicopathologic, genomic features to predict chemo benefit in early breast cancer. June 11, 2021. Clinical Oncology News


Do patients with mantle cell lymphoma require autologous stem cell transplant as consolidation therapy? Narendranath Epperla, MD, MS (Ohio State University) explains that the phase III trial EA4151 will help answer this question. June 11, 2021. OncLive


ECOG-ACRIN deputy chair, TAILORx lead investigator, and internationally renowned breast cancer and HIV-associated malignancy expert Joseph A. Sparano, MD, joins Mount Sinai. June 8, 2021. Read Press Release


E1411 lead investigator Mitchell R. Smith discusses the trial results at ASCO 2021. This trial focused on older patients with mantle cell lymphoma. June 9, 2021. OncLive


Platinum chemotherapy fails in the randomized phase III study EA1131. First author Ingrid Mayer, MD (Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center): “While platinum chemotherapy has been routinely adopted by many to treat basal-like triple-negative breast cancer still present after initial chemotherapy, these results show it should no longer be used in this setting.” June 8, 2021. Journal of Clinical Oncology


New research results for patients with breast and HPV-associated throat cancers are the highlights among 23 presentations at the 2021 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting, June 4-8. ASCO will honor Joseph A. Sparano, MD. Read Press Release


peter odwyerA new study arm opens in NCI-MATCH, expanding patients’ potential to qualify for this precision medicine cancer clinical trial when they may not have other options. April 26, 2021 Read Press Release



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Welcome to the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group website, the source of information about the cooperative group that was formed by the merger of the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) and the American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN). We are excited to share news of our collaborative effort to design and conduct ground-breaking translational and clinical research.

The merger brought together the strengths and capabilities of two highly respected organizations. Since 1955, ECOG has performed practice-changing multicenter cancer clinical trials, working with more than 6000 physicians, nurses, pharmacists, statisticians, clinical research associates, and cancer research advocates from the United States and around the world. ACRIN, the premier imaging science program in the nation, complements ECOG’s research efforts with its expertise in early detection, imaging diagnosis, comparative-effectiveness research, and cost-effectiveness analysis. Now, as a single entity, we aim to achieve earlier cancer detection, more successful therapeutic intervention, higher rates of prevention, and better patient outcomes.

We look forward to sharing our research and partnering with you, as we reshape the future of patient care.


Robert L. Comis, MD
Group Co-Chair

Mitchell D. Schnall, MD, PhD
Group Co-Chair
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